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How to use Amazon.co.jp’s new game and dvd/bluray trade in system!

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1Hey guys,

Great news… I was browsing for the release date of the new Injustice game in Japan, and I spotted something awesome on Amazon.co.jp.  They new accept trade-ins of import games and blu-ray / dvds, and they want to give me 3000 yen for my US copy of Black Ops 2!!!  I’m here to provide you guys a closer look.  The page is all in Japanese so i’ll try to provide as step by step as I can.

The important points:  

1)  Must have box / good condition instruction manual (games) / scratch free disk to get full value.

2)  Trade in comes in the form of an amazon gift card

3)  Not every game and movie is accepted, but it seems most titles from 5 years ago ahead are.

Hit the jump below for the full English tutorial!

How to use it: 

1)  Create an amazon.co.jp account (you can do this part in English)

2)  Navigate to: Amazon Tradeins: Getting Started

3)  At the top you will see this:


The first rectangle is for Games, the second for DVDs / Blu-rays

4)   Clicking on either link will take you to a page that looks like this:


Type the name of the game or movie you want to sell in English, and you will be taken for a results page.  For example, here I will search for Bayonetta and am taken to this page here: 


You want to look for the edition that has the kanji,

購入版” (Import)

or if they have specific versions, you need to select the right version  

購入版:北米” (American Version)

“購入版:アジア” (Asian version) 

Sometimes they list the European version separately, so be careful, “欧州版

5)  Find your correct version and click on the yellow button below it that says,” 買取申込” and you will be taken to this page: 

Sagawa Transportation mail service will come to your house to pick up the package, so select the dates at the top and fill in your address at the bottom.  If you can’t undestand how to fill in your address, you can do this in English from the account page and when you come back here, it will appear automatically.


Click on the yellow button next to your address, or at the bottom that says “この住所を使う”(use this address) to continue.

6)  Almost done, Next you will come to this page:


Follow the instructions and click the yellow button to move to the final page.

7)  The final page is just a confirmation page.  If everything looks good, just click the big yellow button and your order will be submitted.  Make sure you print out the confirmation page.  You will need to include it in the box when you send off your games / dvds

When you are taken back, the first search bar will be mid screen and look a little different, but after that the process will be the same.

8)  Prepare your package for shipping.  Buy a small box or mailer envelope and remember include a copy of your ID to verify your name and address.  Also include the confirmation page that has your order number on it.   Sawata Shipping should knock on your door and pick up your package at the time you designated.

If you want to add additional items, follow these steps:


and on the next page, click this grey button


If you have any questions, leave a comment below and i’ll do my best to help!

Happy selling!


Written by mahou86

June 21, 2013 at 2:44 pm

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